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Mike Huebner

A Founder’s Story – Part IV

Fast Fast-Forward to Now

Since that meeting in AL, Conrad Stoltz has continued to pursue his excellence in Xterra racing doing phenomenally well with a ridiculous schedule and managing his foot injury.  I’ve charged ahead and developed a significantly improved, patent pending Stuffitts Shoe Savers v2.0.  We’ve done all the blocking and tackling work in building a company- established sourcing/logistics, manufacturing and fulfillment.  And I think we’re getting some traction in generating awareness of the product and how it can improve people’s lives by helping them protect their investment in footwear, especially triathletes because we have so darn many shoes!

Truly THE ULTIMATE Shoe Saver!

Who knows what the future holds.  We’re just intent to do our best to have fun, build a great product and help everyone SAVE YOUR SHOES!

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