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Mike Huebner

I Don’t Wanna Grow Up, I’m A Smelly Shoes Kid

When I was a kid, finding a cure for my smelly shoes was the least of my worries. I would jump in puddles, mud, and get them dirty without a care in the world. At the end of the day, let’s just say they didn’t smell like roses…and I really didn’t mind.

I’m sure kids go through multiple pairs of shoes during childhood, primarily due to growth spurts or them becoming just plain nasty and rotten. And with children’s dirty, wet, and odorous foot paraphernalia comes a stink that can be as bad as their adult counterparts.

As far as remedies to fix smelly shoes for kids, there isn’t a different technique that people suggest compared to adults. Our previous post about home remedies for stinky shoes (link to previous post – TBD) could help, or what we most recommend is that you could go the Stuffitts Shoe Savers way.

Fascinated by this topic, I decided to do some childhood smelly shoe sleuthing:  It seems that our society likes to celebrate the stinky shoe phenomenon in the strangest ways, especially with kids. This would include making a GAME out of it (whaaaat?!) or even awarding prize money for the most rotten sneaker:

Smelly Shoes: The Game

I could not make this up on my own. While searching around the Web for content, I came across this game posted on the website for Zoom, a PBS TV Show. This “Zoom Game” was submitted by Christine of Berea, OH. (Thanks Christine!)

This smelly shoe game is pretty self explanatory. Get a group of six kids together and blindfold someone that will get high off of stinky shoe fumes. (That sounds like a BLAST!) …And if your kids begin huffing shoes, don’t blame me or Christine.

BTW: How bored or disgusting does one kid have to be to make up a game to “find the smelliest shoe”? I’m guessing her parents have a foot fetish.

The Rotten Sneakers Contest

For the past 35 years, Montpelier, Vermont has hosted the Annual National Rotten Sneakers Contest, sponsored by Odor-Eaters. (It’s Vermont’s version of the Super Bowl.) This contest battles some of the smelliest kids in the nation to win a giant, novelty check worth $2,500. Did I mention they also get a golden sneaker medal?

Nine kids from ages 9 to 16 participated in this year’s competition, which showcased the smelliest of the smelly, the stinkiest of the stinky. They even called in a guy with the title of “Master Sniffer” to judge the entries. (He was later taken to a hospital for passing out and stripped of his “master” rank….well, not really.)

This year, the winner was 11-year-old Trinette Robinson from Bristol, CT. She will be enshrined in the Odor-Eaters “Hall of Fumes” in Montpelier, VT, for as long as the toxic fumes are safe to walk through. (I’m sure winning the Rotten Sneakers Contest will look good on any resume she fills out.)


Kids are just like adults: they have smelly, stinky shoes.  We just have to realize that with every poopy, smelly diaper comes a poopy-smelling shoe. They are going to get into anything and everything, so let them be kids.

You could do your research on how to cure their smelly shoes or you could just throw them away and buy a new pair. A great solution that outdoes either of those options is to get a pair of Stuffitts Shoe Savers for them to use.

*On top of adult sizes, we can fit children sizes 12-6.

— Cool post from Sean @ Blastmedia.

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