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Mike Huebner

Stinky Shoe Remedy #003 – Ice ‘Em Up


Do your shoes have an odor problem? Don’t want to spend five dollars on those chemical inserts? Odors in shoes are caused by bacteria. Simply take your shoes and put them in the freezer for a few hours. Any bacteria living in the inside of the shoes will be frozen and thus killed. Result? No shoe odors!

P.S. Don’t put the shoes on immediately after removing them from the freezer. It’s best to let them air out and warm up for an hour before you slip them on.

By Doyle

Are you freakin’ kidding me?  Can’t say I ever thought of this.  Guess Doyle must be a scientist or doctor since he knows that a conventional freezer can kill the bacteria in your shoes in a few hours.  He’s certainly correct that the bacteria cause the stink; however, do you REALLY want to stinky those nasty shoes where you keep your ice and kid’s popsicles?  Ewh.  Even if I was desperate, I don’t think I’d resort to this tactic.  If my wife saw my shoes in the fridge. I can assure you they (and a few of my other favorite ones) would mysteriously disappear!  This just doesn’t seem practical unless you’re a bachelor and even then it’s pretty gross.  May I suggest Stuffitts Shoe Savers?

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