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Mike Huebner

Stinky Shoe Remedy #004 – Pound ‘Em with Your Arm & Hammer


Sprinkle baking soda in each shoe, tapping the shoe so that the baking soda is spread evenly throughout. Dump out excess baking soda, and wear. (Make sure you have clean feet or socks beforehand.)

By kritta

In my mind, there are only 2 uses for baking soda.  1.  Open a box of Arm & Hammer and let it sit in your fridge to suck up odors and keep things smelling fresh?  Does it work?  Who knows?  My mom does it, my wife’s mom does it, so we do it.  My suspicion is that it may help but that A&H just did a whiz-bang job of marketing this remedy to us to the point it’s successfully made it into our public folklore.  2.  Baking.  Don’t you put baking soda in chocolate chip cookies?  I always wondered, can you use the baking soda from the open container that you have which is also deodorizing your fridge?  I always did.  Seems odd, though, doesn’t it?  Can’t say I’ve tried this, but it seems that you’re likely to create one mealy mess!  A more reasonable alternative…Stuffitts Shoe Savers!

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