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Mike Huebner

Stinky Shoe Remedy #008 – The Kitchen Sink


Try putting deodorant on your feet, spray cologne in your shoes, and then never wear socks. You can also use that spray deodorant in your shoes, and put lots of lotion on your feet, then slip your shoes right on, no socks of coarse. I am 16, and i have never worn, or do i own socks.

By Robert F

I like this post.  Robert pretty much throws the kitchen sink at the smelly shoe problem-  just put a bunch of sprays and deodorants on your feet and shoes and VOILA!  Problem Solved!  Well, not really.  In fact, this is yet another instance of “masking” the odor (as opposed to prevent it or eliminating it).  Robert does make one really good point, though.  Use of deodorant spray on your feet will limit the amount of foot sweat, which will allow you to wear shoes longer (even sockless) before they start to stink.  But, I assure you, over time if you do not proactively dry your shoes using some method, your shoes will stink!  Dry shoes don’t smell.  Get Stuffitts Shoe Savers.  The Ultimate Shoe Saver.

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